Friday, June 24, 2011

I am a leader


1. I am not afraid to tell people off when they do something wrong.

2. I help people do the right thing. I am a good role model.

3. I am confident when I do the right thing.

4. I owned up when I do something wrong and try and fix it.

5. I am not scared to stand up for my self.



In room7 for Integrated Studies we are studying Buoyancy (floating & sinking). Floating is when an object is floating above the surface, and Sinking is when an object is below the surface.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Maths Reflection

During maths this week I learnt about my measurement. Measurement is like measuring a pencil, or a door, etc. To measure a door you would have to use (cm) center meter or a (m) meter. From St Pius the tenth catholic school to Tamaki college it’s 5 (km) Kilo meter.
Also I've learnt my reversibility. For example 55 + 20 so you swap it around and it's 20 + something = 55 so the answer is 35.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


In Room 7 our topic in Religious Education was Pentecost & the Ascension. This is my title page of Pentecost. Jesus promised the apostle that he will sent them the Holy Spirit. Pentecost is how the Tongue of fire appeared to the Apostle. The apostle had the tongue of fire on there heads because they all believe in Jesus the Messiah.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Yr 8 Retreat

As we got to St. Francis center the yr8 was welcomed from Br Phillip. The first thing we did was to go to the chapel and to light our candles. After we finished lighting all our candles we all went to our rooms and put our bags in our rooms and came back to the activity room ready for the first activity.

My favourite activity was the treasure hunt. We had to all hold a long toilet paper and look for six clues. We found our first clue with a little help from a helper named Joanne. In the next clue we had help again but not from Joanne, but from Br Philip. We soon found our third & fourth clue, but again we were helped to find our last clue not from Joanne, and not from Br Philip but from Miss Ana.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Picasso self portrait

This is my art work. We are learning todraw ourselves, one eye looking straightand one eye looking to the side. The side that's covered yellow is the stuff I really
enjoy doing.